What is a Working Mom?

Friday, April 12, 2013

I came across an article about how Ivanka Trump is expecting her second baby. She was quoted about being a working mom vs. being a stay at home mom. I had to share what she said because I totally agree with her on this topic.

"“I hate the expression ‘working mom,’ because when I’m with Arabella on the weekends, I’m much more exhausted on Monday morning than I am on Friday night!” she told Redbook recently. “I think the expression ‘working’ versus ‘non-working’ implies that a mother who stays home doesn't work. It’s far more difficult than anything I do in the office,” she admitted."

Bottom line? We're all "working" moms. And, while staying at home with baby girl all day is usually more exhausting than being in the office, if given the choice, I think I'd still rather stay at home. Being tired is a small sacrifice to get all of that extra time with Nono!

Sorry for the low quality, but this is my favorite picture of Noelle and myself.
We hope you have a great weekend!

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