Amputation by Elevator

Monday, October 10, 2011

Thought of the day:

Why are we (and by we I do not mean me) in such a rush that we must stick our limbs in closing elevator doors, so not to have to wait for the next one? I mean, really.

This morning I was in the elevator, and when the doors were about four inches away from being closed a man sticks his arm in the opening. The doors open, he walks in, and we're on our way. So, I say to him (looking extremely frightened for his arm) "I don't stick my limbs in elevators." We continue to chat, and before walking out of the elevator he says "I'm not so dumb in my old age, am I?" I'm thinking "YES YOU ARE! You just stuck your arm in an elevator that was four inches from closing, and you're headed to physical therapy!" (I could tell this by the badge that he had on from the front desk.)

So, I got to thinking, how many people really lose their limbs from an elevator related accident!?

"In the study, conducted in 2002, the results showed that more that 11,000 victims have incurred an elevator accident injury from these unfortunate and disastrous incidents. This does not include the combined figures of 30 casualties yearly from elevator and escalator accidents."

Would you want to be one of the 11,000 victims of an elevator? My guess is, no. So, next time you think you're in a rush, and need to catch that near departing elevator, step back, and take a breath because there will surely be another elevator to service you in no time.

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