M + D Currently

Dave and I have been married since the summer of 2010, and welcomed our first child, Noelle, in October 2012. Dave is a native Chicagoian, and I am a Michigander. Some things about us you must know as we chase our future are:

We are both the oldest sibling of two.

We both love to downhill ski in the winter, and play at the lake in the summer. 

We love a good beer and try different brews frequently.

We enjoy cooking, but not together. One cook in the kitchen at a time in this house!

We can almost never agree on a TV program to watch. 

We will never agree on a hockey team, and Detroit will always be Hockey Town, home to the greatest team of all time, the Red Wings.

Thanks for joining us, we hope you enjoy this journey as much as we hope we do. Off we go!

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