Homemade Sweet Potato Puree

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Today was my first adventure in making baby food. I decided that I wasn't going to make any food until I knew what Noelle liked to eat, or didn't, so I wouldn't be wasting time or food. Now that peanut has tried a few different foods, we grabbed a sweet potato at the store and made our own puree!

I was given the Beaba Babycook as a gift at one of our baby showers. I've been excited to use it for a while now, and am so happy to have it. The Babycook is so easy to use, and I'll definitely be making more baby food in the coming months until Noelle eats more solids. I love that you can do everything in it - first steam, then blend.

sweet potato
liquid reserved from steaming potato

how to:
cube sweet potato
steam in Babycook on number 3 setting
transfer steamed potatoes into blender
add reserved liquid to steamed potatoes until you reach the consistency your babe likes
store in silicone tray in freezer (each pod is a 4 oz serving) or in whatever tupperware you like
*I put some in the freezer and have portions in the fridge for this week
*Nono doesn't eat that much at once yet, so I stored 2 oz portions

The great thing about making this myself is that it's so cheap! Sweet potatoes at our market are $0.69/lb, and I made over two cups of sweet potato puree for baby girl. 

Thankfully, today, she still likes sweet potato!

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