Video Chatting

Thursday, April 25, 2013

It has been a few days since my last post. Unfortunately, it's not because we've been too busy, but because we've been dealing with a leak in our apartment from all of the rain. Boo. You could say it's not the most inspiring situation. Regardless, in the past week we've been able to video chat with Grandparents all across the country!

I will first apologize to Nene and Da for not taking a screen shot of our Skype date with them from Las Vegas. I will next time - promise! It was the first time we chatted with them online. They got to see Noelle's amazing sitting skills, and Aunt Mary got to see her "in person" for the first time.

Then, we chatted with Cammy, TBD, Aunt Erica and Auntie ML in Florida.

It's a little dark, but I'll get better next time. This was the first screen shot I've ever taken on my mac.

I guess this is what it's like when you live far away from family. I will say though, it's much better than just a phone conversation. Especially when sitting and looking pretty is just about the extent of Noelle's skills.

See you again soon, Grandparents!

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  1. Video chats are one of the best inventions, ever! Hope you get your roof fixed without too much trouble!