36 Weeks

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Today was yet another productive Sunday. Noelle's car seat is installed, and the nursery is officially complete! Things are hung on the walls, and all the clothes and bedding have been washed. I think it's ok to say now that we are officially ready. With about four weeks left, I'd say that's a good thing!

I promised nursery photos quite a while ago, but wanted to wait to show you the finished product. Below are several which give you an around the room tour. It's a small room, but perfect for our baby girl.

Some special pieces include "the princess is awake" sign on her bedroom door. On the reverse side it says "the princess is asleep." This is a Shy girl's keepsake. The quilt on the chair was made by Noelle's Great Great Aunt Irene - also the inspiration for her middle name :) And, hopefully she'll get the Silverman need for cognition. Her book corner is ready, and the ABCs wall hanging is from daddy.

Now that you have the nursery low-down, here's the 36 week update!

How far along? 36 weeks. 
Total weight gain? About 32 lbs. 
Maternity clothes? Absolutely!
Stretch marks? Nope.
Sleep? Eh, it varies. Starting to get a bit more anxious which doesn't help. When I wake up and need to adjust my position in the night, that is also getting more challenging. 
Best moment this week? Brunch with Brian and Kristen on Saturday, and finishing Noelle's nursery on Sunday. 
Miss anything? Probably the same as last week - a nice fall beer :)
Movement? Oh ya!
Food cravings? Nothing that I'm dying to have, but I did want and have fish and chips for dinner tonight - yum!
Anything making you queasy or sick? Not really. The only time I don't feel well is after dinner sometimes if my belly just is stuffed with good food and baby. 
Labor signs? Not yet ...
Symptoms? Swollen feet ...
Belly Button in or out? Sill in!
Wedding rings on or off? Off. 
Happy or moody most of the time? Mostly happy.
Looking forward to? Our doctor appointment on Wednesday. Excited to hear what the doc has to say now that we're nearing the end of this part of the journey!

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  1. The nursery turned out so cute! I love that bedding.. & I totally remember the "princess is awake sign" - love that you still have it to pass it on to Noelle.