Six Years of Chicago

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Happy six year anniversary, Chicago! Yes, I moved to Chicago on St. Patrick's Day. Thank you dad for helping me, and for navigating the Uhaul through the tiny streets and drunks that day with a cat underneath your foot!

I seriously cannot believe that I've lived here for over half a decade. The years have absolutely flown by. In my six years here I've grown so much, and accomplished more than I ever would have imagined.

Within my first year here I made new friends, met the man who would become my husband, ended my retail career, partied (probably) too much, ate at a lot of great Chicago restaurants, and began my real estate career.

March 2007
March 2008
During the next two years I moved in with my boyfriend, got engaged, and did a lot of traveling for friends' weddings. In these two years we slowed down a lot. (You notice the change from 'I' to 'we'? Love it!) We started cooking more at home - Dave bbq'ing and me baking.

March 2009
July 2009
Next we we got married, traveled to Greece (my first overseas trip), and adopted a dog - Halas.

March 2010
July 2010
Since then we've cooked a lot, made many trips to the dog park, traveled, moved twice, and our biggest accomplishment, gave birth to our daughter Noelle.

It's been a whirlwind six years, wouldn't you agree? What's next, Chicago?

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