Noelle's Fifth Month

Monday, March 18, 2013

It seems as though time just goes by faster and faster every day! Noelle turned five months old on Friday. It was a pretty low key month with only one major change - the addition of food!

Food is still very new, and not 100% necessary in Noelle's diet yet, so we give it a go here and there. Every time she wants more and more. Her favorite so far is sweet potato.

Noelle went on more adventures with me this month. She's such a Chicago girl, and loves riding on the L.

We started preparing for Easter.

Noelle still loves her giraffes. She even got a new giraffe friend this month - Marcy!

"Mom, stop taking pictures. I'm not going to smile for you."
Noelle loves to stand.

And, finally, we had a little five month photo shoot. I love this one! Noelle looks so happy and you can see how much her hair is growing. Yes, daddy put it in a mohawk. 

We're so excited for all of the new adventures that are in store this month. Noelle has some visitors coming into town, her first Easter, and much more!

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