Etsy Shop Spotlight: Little Hip Squeaks

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Time for another Etsy shop spotlight! Little Hip Squeaks is one of my favorites. Their colors and patters are adorable! I'm constantly browsing for new things, and need to narrow my list down before I can make another purchase. In the mean time though, I'm just eating up the babe in these little leg warmers and hat!

A couple months ago I had her in them but her scrawny little legs just didn't have a chance of holding up the warmer. So, I laid her in the crib and just got some cute photos of the set - leg warmers and hat.

And, of course we've been wearing the hat on it's own, living in the tundra that is Chicago.

Now that Noelle's little thighs have beefed up a bit, and the weather is feeling a bit more spring like, I thought it was time to give her leg warmers another shot. Yesterday I did, and they finally fit! Hooray! It was a short lived outfit - daddy put her in pants when he woke up and I wasn't looking - but boy oh boy are they adorable.

Next on the purchase list from Little Hip Squeaks are probably some headbands, or maybe a personalized blanket when she's older. Too many choices. Maybe if Noelle is really good she'll get both :)

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