Weekend in Review

Monday, July 8, 2013

Hi friends! Did everyone have a nice (hopefully long) holiday? We had a good fourth of July, that was rudely interrupted by a day of work, and then a nice weekend around the house. Here's a look-see for ya!

 We started the weekend by exploding a diaper in the car seat. This required a pit stop at Wallgreens because mom was unprepared, and thought we were just going to pick dad up at work, so didn't bring anything but a wallet. LESSON LEARNED!

 Saturday morning we snuggled in bed, and watched Friends.

 We swung on the swing for the first time after lunch. 

 And, capped the night with dinner down the street on the patio!

On Sunday we practiced standing, and cruising along the couch
which means trying to be friends with Halas. This is an improvement on his part :)
(Sorry for the background, the news is a Sunday morning must.)

I don't have more photos from Sunday, but it included a quick Target run, then a stop at the market where Nono took a nap in the carrier. Mom and dad got to relax in the sun in the backyard even!

I have so much more to write about, but we'll save that for another day! 

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