Weekend in Review

Monday, July 22, 2013

Hi Friends! How was your weekend? Ours was exhausting. Nice, but exhausting. You see, a baby with a cold (a pretty bad one) is really not fun. But, things are looking up today, so I think it's all downhill from here - besides the fact that I now have a cold. Oh well, better me than baby Noelle.

Friday ended with a visit from Nene and Da after they got into town from Las Vegas.

Saturday rough. This was the peak of Noelle's cold. We started the day with a trip to Target to load up on anything that might kick the cold and cough. Thankfully, we ran into two other moms who gave me their advice on curing babies cold. Noelle napped as much as she wanted, didn't eat very much, but otherwise was very normal. Not fussy or seeming uncomfortable. She's such a tough chick! That afternoon we attended a birthday party for our next door neighbors daughter and son who are turning four and two. It's been so nice living in such a great neighborhood. We've made friends with all of our neighbors, and couldn't be luckier for everyone's welcoming attitude and willingness to help. Most importantly when we need a humidifier for Nono's room, and our next door "mom away from mom" came to the rescue with their vaporizer! Yay! We capped the evening with dinner where all of Nene and Da's friends melted over Noelle.

Sunday was lazy in the morning, and full of family in the afternoon. We went to the suburbs to relax by the lake and have lunch with family. The dogs played, we fed the swans (and Noelle) crackers, ate some watermelon, and enjoyed the beautiful day - until it down poured, and we headed home. Daddy enjoyed lots of play time with Noelle before bath and bed time.

Like I said, exhausting. Nice, but exhausting. And, on that note, I'm hitting the hay before 11 today, but will  leave you with this. Tonight I made, the best spinach Stromboli. No recipe, I created another meal. What's happening to me? I guess all of the Food Network I watch is finally paying off. Recipe to come soon - promise!

Night night, all.

P.S. Sorry for the lack of pictures this week. As mentioned, there were a lot of naps this weekend!!

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