Strawberry Lemonade

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

On the fourth of July we did a lot. A lot that I will share with you in the coming days (weeks are probably more realistic), but this one, a new "recipe," I'm sharing with you today!

Hubs and I enjoyed some adult beverages on the holiday, and while I always have a really hard time deciding what I want (beer is my easy go to), I knew exactly where I was headed for the holiday. A nice, light, strawberry {vodka} lemonade! Yummy, I know!

This one is super easy.
a "bunch" (yes, very technical) of strawberries, blended,
and a few saved for garnish if you would like
lemonade (we like Crystal Light because it's low-cal)
Smirnoff Strawberry Vodka
*mix first two ingredients in a big pitcher*
*fill rocks glass with your preferred portion of ice*
*pour in strawberry vodka to your heart's content (I like a 2-1 ratio, 2 being the lemonade)*

Really, what could possibly be more summery than this refreshing beverage? Nothing? I didn't think so!

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