Weekend in Review

Monday, June 17, 2013

 A few photos, a few words, to sum up our weekend.

Friday Night

helping mom order pizza. yum - credit cards - not pizza ... yet.

crawling backwards and getting stuck under the couch...three times.
ordering off eating the menu (don't worry, we sanitized it first).
having so much fun at Yolk with Uncle Jeremy from Michigan.
pancake coma on the l.
baby's first wrap dress. had to get a picture (ok, lots) of that.
over sized patio chairs are perfect for Noelle 
We had a really nice weekend. It was relatively low key, but most importantly,
the first weekend since 2008 that the hubs didn't work Friday or Saturday night. 
This is huge people, and so appropriate for his first Father's Day.
Mom and dad had two (weekend) nights together.
We had a great family day on Sunday. I couldn't ask for more.

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