My Kid Dresses Better Than I Do

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I had a revelation recently. My kid dresses better than I do. Her clothes are so cute, and I don't think it's simply because they're tiny. Really, I always try to pick out "fashionable" outfits for her. Is this ridiculous? I mean, I even put a head band on her when she's home with the nanny all day. A bit extreme maybe?

Now, I like to think that I try to be trendy and fashionable, but most of the time I default for something comfortable, or an "old favorite." My "uniform" is a sleeveless top, cardigan, and straight leg pants. I did mix it up a bit this season, and bought some colored pants from LOFT, and I really do love them. They were a good find, and give me some variety from my typical black or grey pant with some color.

I remember when my sister and I were younger, and my mom would take us shopping. She never bought herself anything. We would always tell her "but mom, you deserve it" or "you never buy yourself anything." She would always just brush it off, and we'd continue on the spree to fill our closets with new goodies. I never understood that until now. She really is a great mom, and while I always felt that she deserved more than what she would ever do for herself, I hope to be just like her one day.

Yes, I might focus more on making sure Noelle looks cute, but I'm ok with that. She deserves it, and one day she'll teach her daughter the same thing, just like my momma taught me.

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