Friday, June 14, 2013

My whole life I've wished I had different hair, and earlier this week, like a strike of lightning, I decided to just accept it. I'll back up, and start somewhere near the beginning.

My hair genes should be curly. My mom has curly hair, my dad has curly hair, and my sister got a beautiful combination and has wavy hair. Me, not so lucky. Pin straight. For as long as I can remember I've wanted to be able to have voluminous hair that will curl. Nope, no volume here. Regardless of how many volume maximizing hair products I use, it's flat.

Through the elementary and middle school years there were a lot of perms. Without fail, after a couple of weeks, my beautiful curly locks had hung themselves straight. Bless my mom for getting me all those perms even though she knew it would never stick.

Thank goodness photos were not digital then!

Then, I think in seventh grade, The Rachel was introduced to the world. Off to the salon we went for a new hair cut that was meant for straight hair. The problem though with The Rachel is that you actually have to be able to do your hair. Well, some seventh grade teeny boppers might have the patience and skill to do this, not me (and let's be clear, I still don't). So, it grew out and that was that.

Let me repeat, thank goodness photos were not digital then!

Fast forward to my twenties, and I eventually learned how to use a straightener to curl my hair, kinda. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't, and it's not a quick process so most of the time I simply do not have the patience. So, I conceded to my hair being what it was, and just learned to live with having poker straight hair. I even cut my long hair up to my chin (and then some once) a few times to try and find a "better" style than long straight hair.

That's about as curly as it gets folks. That probably took me an hour.

But, there's always a silver lining, right? Our water heater went out on Sunday, and was replaced on Tuesday. Why am I telling you this? Because thanks to my long, straight, no fuss hair, I can go days without washing it, and it never looks any different! No product needed means no product to try and wash out in ice cold, no water heater, water. Woo hoo! Finally a reason to thank my lucky stars for my hair.

This is my hair hours after a shower, no blow dryer, or any sort of hair products were used.

I always wished that Noelle would get Dave's curly hair (yes, even hubby has curly hair!), but from where I'm standing, it's lookin' pretty darn straight. One day I'll explain to her why this is a blessing in disguise.

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