Wednesday Wisdom

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

This week has been exhausting in our house. Mostly for dad, I will admit. With the cold temperatures a lot of his staff is sick, and as the GM it's his job to pick up the slack. So, Noelle and I have had two nights of mommy baby time, lots of snuggles, but tons of missing daddy too. This week's Wednesday wisdom is for him.

"Just because we cannot do everything for everyone, does not mean we should do nothing for anyone." Bill Clinton

This time of the year, when we're all sluggish, not wanting to get out of bed and head into the real, cold world, I think this little saying will go a long way. Hang in there, help out your friends and coworkers when you are able to. It will come back to you.

Happy end of Wednesday - two more days in the work week!

Stay warm out there, friends.

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