Weekend in Review

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Well, I certainly intended to post last week more than I did. I guess getting back into my blogging routine will take a bit more than just saying "I'm back." So here we are again with another weekend in review!

Our weekend started on Friday, playing with Halas in the yard, and prepping for some Bears pre-season football. We're bear crawling a lot these days.

On Saturday, since we're going into a week of 80+ temperatures, I decided it was time to shorten the straps on this romper. It's never fit right, and the hot forecast was the perfect motivator.

We kept the sewing machine warm and made a Halloween bow for a friend!

A Sunday selfie for Cammy. It must have been good luck ... keep reading!

Noelle all of a sudden decided to start walking with her walker. So much fun!

I started working on Noelle's birthday banner. This is a super easy project. Once I've finished, and figured out all of the tricks and my tips, I'll post about this one! 

And...Cammy got a hole in one!!! She rocks!!!

Happy weekend, ya'll. Talk so you soon!

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