Noelle's Ninth and Tenth Months

Monday, August 26, 2013

Well, these past two months have totally flown by. I can't even begin to explain all of the changes, and how much Noelle has grown. So, let's look at some pictures, shall we? I'll throw some captions in there, and hopefully things will start flooding back at me!

Noelle's 9th Month

 Father's Day. I love this little wrap dress. We didn't do anything particularly special for Father's Day.
We spent the day together (we only get one family day a week),
and walked through the outdoor mall in the suburbs. 

 First time in the shopping cart at Target - loved it. One of the last baths in her baby tub.
The big tub is so much more fun for Nono and all of her rubber duckies.
She gets so excited, and splashes constantly.

 Started sleeping on her belly, and weighed 18 lbs at her nine month check up.

 Swung in a swing for the first time, and enjoyed some potato chips while barbecuing with friends.

 Making friends with Halas, and standing all the time!

Noelle's 10th Month

 Showing Halas why he should be her BFF. She'll give him scraps, and share her toys.

 Patio dinner with mom and dad. We stayed out past her bedtime this night.
She was so good too. The patio was packed, and it was loud.
She nicely sat in our laps (no high chairs) until we finished, and headed home. 

 Playing with girlfriend Leena at Erica's baby shower. Finally they can actually (somewhat) play together!

 Computing and checking out her new walker. She couldn't use the walker yet at this point, but is a champ now. You can check out our weekend in review for the video!

 Lots of crawling and cruising along furniture.

 Enjoying watermelon at Great Aunt Pam's. This was a great day.
Dave's parents were in town, and so were both of his cousins who also live out of state.
We all gathered at Pam's house and enjoyed some delicious food, and relaxing by the lake.

It was a great two months. I can't believe that the summer is almost over - that is by date because if you go by the weather, we're far from the end. If we're lucky, maybe it will linger into October so we can have some backyard fun to celebrate baby girl's first birthday! Fingers crossed!

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