Noelle's Fourth Month

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Here we are, into our fifth month and more and more I can't believe how quickly time has passed. The fourth month was a pretty big one for Noelle. She grew a ton (we'll find out exactly how much on Thursday at her check-up), took her first airplane ride (stay tuned for another post on this one), and really just blossomed into more of a little person, rather than a bitty baby.

This month I thought I'd show you some of Noelle's favorite things.

smiling when Erin takes my photo for mommy and daddy at work
blowing bubbles
my stroller
sitting when propped up & headbands
tummy time & headbands
holding onto blankets (& burp cloths)
giraffes. really loves giraffes!

Although time is passing super fast, we are having so much fun with our little lady, and can't wait to see everything that she has in store for us this month!

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