Giraffes, Anyone?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

In my 'Noelle's Fourth Month' post, I mentioned that she likes giraffes. Somehow in all of our coordinating, decorating, and buying things in the theme of owls and birds, a giraffe snuck in there, and now it's her favorite animal.

First, for being such a brave girl at her two month check up, Nene and Da got her a plush giraffe rattle from the Wynn. She totally loves this toy. I had originally named him Mr. Raffe (I'm not creative), but soon that changed.

Noelle's buddy Mr. Raffe

Two months later, before our vacation to Florida (keep staying tuned, I will post about this), I decided to get Noelle a new toy to entertain her during our flight. Every kid has to have a Sophie Giraffe from Paris, right? I found a deal for a Sophie + giraffe Wubbanub (pacifier) and was sold!

Giraffe Wubbanub is a soothing companion during takeoff
Sophie from Paris in Florida

Mr. Raffe soon became plush Sophie, and giraffe Wubbanub did too (well, he's just Sophie).

Eating Plush Sophie's ears
Eating Sophie from Paris' ears

While plush Sophie is a rattle, Sophie squeaks when you squeeze her. To make our lives more chaotic  squeeze Sophie when Halas is near, and he'll grab her by the neck and claim her as his! Not to worry, she gets thoroughly sanitized before she's returned to Noelle, and she puts Sophie right into her mouth. Luckily Halas hasn't made it too far with her! Plush Sophie also gets a good bath on a weekly basis since Noelle likes to eat her ears. Sophie (of the Wubbanub variety) is the calmest of the three, and only hangs out with Noelle at bedtime. However, he can be found being used as a helicopter to try and propel her right out of her crib at night : )

Playing with both Sophies
Plush Sophie is a great cuddler

Wanting to get in on the giraffe theme myself, I couldn't resist these $20 shoes from the Gap!

This summer I can assure you we will go to the zoo so Noelle can see a real live giraffe in person. And, don't look at us funny when we refer to them as Sophie, ok?

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