Etsy Shop Spotlight: Cutenessbuns

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Recently I added a page to my blog for some of my favorite Etsy shop owners. I thought that, here and there, I might do a little spotlight post for them, too!

Around the one to two month mark I was getting a lot of comments from strangers (nice comments) about my "cute son." Well, we were just not going to stand for that, so headband shopping I went! I found one shop, Cutenessbuns, where I have done all of my headband shopping since then.

Husband hates headbands. He thinks they dent the babies head. Obviously, they do not, but I wanted to find a headband that was not only cute, but soft and "dent proof." When Noelle was smaller, I purchased the wide band kind since her head was a bit more fragile than it is now. My most recent purchase (since she's growing out of those) was all skinny elastic bands. Either way, none dent the babies head!

I love the selection and variety that Cutenessbuns creates. There are some special for holidays, some with one plain flower, and others with multiple flowers and pearls. They make a variety of colored flowers too so not everything is bright pink! This is my favorite part, probably. We have some very neutral clothes for our little girl, and her grey and navy headbands are the perfect accessory!

I hope you all check out the Cutenessbuns on Etsy. It is absolutely one of my favorite places to shop for our favorite lady!

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