Florida Trip

Sunday, February 24, 2013

This year our "spring break" trip happened a bit earlier - February - and sadly without daddy :( Noelle and I headed to south west Florida on our own to visit Cammy and TBD for a week earlier this month.

It was her first plane ride, and she was an absolute champ. Before getting on the plane I had determined that I wanted a front row seat to have extra leg room for us (we fly Southwest, so get to pick). We were able to snag the last front row seat on the plane thanks to our 'A' group seating. This was, though, not without a death stare from every person around us. Their eyes were screaming at me "DO NOT SIT HERE WITH THAT BABY!" Boy did she prove them wrong. Asleep before takeoff, quietly ate and played for the remainder of the flight. We actually got quite a few stares because people were so shocked at how well behaved she was.

Upon our arrival in Florida Cammy and Auntie ML retrieved us from the airport, picked up lunch at Chick-Fil-A, and headed to our home for the week. We got settled at the condo, and Cammy and TBD couldn't wait to show off their grand baby to all of their Florida friends. So, we loaded baby girl into the stroller and took a walk around the community. 

During the rest of our trip there was a lot of alligator wrestling ...

Shopping at the outdoor mall ... 

Napping ...

And, simply enjoying the Florida sun!

We went swimming for the first time, too!

Finally, we had our first little giggles. The cutest.thing.ever.

And, we did it all without socks on. Why you ask? Because "if you're not barefoot, you're overdressed!"

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