Wednesday Wisdom: Man's Best Friend

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The addition of our newest family member has been a big change. For dad and me, we had time to prepare, to talk about the adjustment, and how we were going to manage. Less surprises you could say. However, for our creatures, it was a bit shocking I think.

Winnie is her usual self. Does her own thing wandering around our apartment, cuddling when she feels like it. She comes over to sniff Noelle every once in a while, but is not so concerned. Halas on the other hand has had a harder time. For the first two weeks my dad was his buddy, but after my parents left, he was stuck here wondering why I was home all of the time, yet not playing with him. Poor thing.

We're in a good walk routine now, and have made friends with one of our upstairs neighbor dogs, Mia, who Halas loves. We are very thankful for the school parking lot next door that is gated, and unused in the evening. Many nights we can take Halas over for a run, and frequently we bump into Mia. They have a ball running and wrestling. This works out well for all of us, I must say, and both dogs go home ready for bed.

Halas, pal, this post is for you. We still love you just as much as we ever did. You're our favorite dog!

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