Noelle's First Month

Saturday, November 17, 2012

As I've mentioned before, since Noelle has joined us, time has really flown by. We've done so much in her short time here, too!

Before we even got home from the hospital Noelle had several visitors who were excited to welcome her. Cammy, Aunt B and Aunt Steph all met her during her first couple days.

When we came home Cammy and Grandpa visited for two weeks. They had to get enough snuggles in to last them until Christmas! And, Aunt Erica flew in from New York to escape (not really, but conveniently) the hurricane. Noelle got to meet her first friend Leena and her mom Aunt Carrie, and Aunt Kristen came over to teach her how to cheer for U of M football. Great Aunt Pam, Mark and Sophia brought a delicious lunch spread, and visited for the afternoon. Finally after the initial dust had settled Noelle's west coast NeNe and Da arrived. Noelle had lots of play time and photo shoots while they were visiting, and mom and dad got to relax a bit more than usual. 

Noelle loves her car seat which makes it very easy to tote her around with us to get out of the house. She's visited Bed, Bath and Beyond, The Container Store, Land of Nod, Costco and a variety of restaurants. She is getting better at seeing the doctor, and hopefully by her two month check-up her little legs will have beefed up a bit for those vaccinations!
I absolutely love being home with Noelle. It's been a big adjustment, not being around people who can effectively communicate, but I know it will be so hard to go back to work. Our daily routine is pretty regular at this point. Thankfully, Noelle enjoys the Ergo Baby carrier as much as mom does, so we're able to go for a few walks with Halas during the day, and we always look forward to when daddy is home from work, and we can hang out as a family :)

We have a lot of firsts coming up in the next months: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years. I'm looking forward to sharing these memories with you, as well as everything in between!

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