Chasing, Chasing Our Future: First Edition

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

This is a very exciting post for me to share.

I have always hoped that one day I'll be a great writer like my mom, and I really enjoy practicing on this blog. So, when she approached me about being a guest contributor I was thrilled! She is funny, honest, sarcastic, and tells stories better than almost anyone I know. She just has a way with words that I will probably never be able to duplicate or inherit. I tell my mom all of the time that she should blog or write a book - something. The only downfall to having her write is that you can't hear the tone of how she would actually tell her story ... hmm ... video blogging, mom, now that's what we need to do! Until then though, hopefully she'll continue to chase us, and write passages for me to share with you.

And, without further ado, my mom's premier guest contributing blog entry. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did :)

Steve and I are excited for Noelle's arrival and have our first assignment: zoom off to Chicago to rescue Halas while Mal and Dave are at the hospital!  If we can handle Halas, we'll get a shot at Noelle!

All of this got me to thinking and I owe a really BIG apology to the pioneers.  Being first is hard and, honestly, I haven't fully appreciated managing the tasks of daily living in a long, heavy, cotton skirt or finding California without a global positioning system!  But now that I have to be a grandma long distance, like many of my friends do, I find myself pioneering, too.

Look, I grew up at the tail end of "happy days." Then along came Title IX and I had to take girls' athletics seriously, go to college AND get a job, go back to work after the girls were born, watch the economy tank forcing them to leave Michigan to chase their future, and forego fully enjoying my role as doting grandma the way my Grandma did.  Meanwhile, I'm going to live longer, but my joints and memory won't last longer, leaving me with the prospect of yet another frontier:  how to optimize this gift of time.

Sure, we can Skype.  But Skype is not a hug.  Yes, we can travel.  But this isn't a tricycle ride around the block.  And sorry Youtube and Facebook, but you're not a substitute for the noon-time polka in my Grandma's kitchen or a car ride three blocks to school with my Grandpa.

Good thing I haven't found golf perfection.  I'll need something to chase, too.

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