Weekend in Review (and Labor Day too!)

Monday, September 2, 2013

Another weekend is in the books. This one was a bigger one, too.
The return of college football, and Labor Day which meant a long weekend for mom.
(Unfortunately, dad had to work on Saturday, and Monday, but we soaked up every bit of Sunday!)

 After a quick run to Target for a few essentials, we were home and rooting on the
Wolverines in the first game of the season. Touchdown! Go Blue!

Instead of photographing Sunday's events we enjoyed them.
Daddy worked on a project for Noelle and her little friends,
while we (Nono and me) got some chores done, watched a chick flick, and relaxed indoors. 

 Monday started with a walk to Starbucks.
Night terrors have started, and "they" must have known that mom didn't work the next day.
Baby girl and I had lots of sleepy snuggles (on the couch, almost all night,) so coffee for mom was a necessity!

 During Nono's morning nap I finished sewing her birthday banner.
Now all that's left is some stenciling, and a final once over ironing.
This has inspired me to possibly make a holiday banner.
I'm enjoying the whimsical touch it adds to the apartment. We'll see!

 Our next door neighbor's Great Neice was over for a family bbq,
so before all of their company arrived, we had a little play time.
It was so cute. They're just a month apart in age, so were perfect for each other!

Noelle explored the toy cabinet. 

 Tried on some shoes for fall. Baby's first Stuart Weitzmans, compliments of Aunt Erica!

And, continued her musical education with Glastonbury 2013. Thank you, Palladia!

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