Mom's Must Haves: Third Edition

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It is unbelievable how much Noelle changed between five and six months. She went from not being able to sit, to having no problem sitting at all. She went from barely wanting to eat any food, to chowing down two "meals" a day. She grew from 25 to 27 inches, and gained two pounds. During all of these big changes, I have a whole new list of must haves for you.

My first is always having a stash of clean blankets around the house. Not only do we not want Nono playing in animal fur on the rug, the drooling almost doesn't stop. So, we always have a blanket down where she's playing. You know, like a baby drop cloth.

Next, frozen pacis! Dad came up with this one. We have teething rings, but then she has to hold onto it, and I feel like that gets a bit cold on her little paws. So pop a paci in the freezer (we usually keep a couple in there), and when baby's teeth seem to be a bother, a freezer paci should do the trick.

Now that Nono is eating more foods I'm totally loving cooking for her. It's seriously, SO EASY. I told you about my first baby food adventure when I made sweet potato puree. Since then, I've whipped up peas, corn, more sweet potato, and mango. Peas and corn were especially easy. Each of them can be bought in your freezer section. Empty the bag into your Beaba Babycook and follow the instructions to steam, then blend into the perfect puree. Mango? Just as easy. No cooking necessary. Just peel, chop and blend. Seriously, each of these foods takes no more than 30 minutes. And, most of that time is the food steaming, when you can be doing something else. I would recommend two of the multiportion silicone trays. I never commit myself to more than one baby food item prep per day, so two are plenty. After the portions are frozen, I pop them out and store them in a labeled Zip Lock freezer bag.

I could go on and on about all of the products that I love (and the ones I could do without), but I think three is plenty for now. If you're interested in hearing more about our must haves, leave a note and we can chat.

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