Strawberry Pudding Parfait

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Two weeks ago when my mother-in-law was in town, she, Dave and I went to dinner, and shared a delicious strawberry shortcake. Well, this week I got a craving for that same dessert, but the hubs wasn't such a fan of the actual shortcake part. So, I decided to come up with something that he could enjoy too. 

I didn't use a recipe, or look around online, I just thought about how I could transform a dessert that I loved, into something that he would enjoy too. 

Here it is, my Strawberry Pudding Parfait!
strawberries cut into bite sized pieces, stir in sugar to taste
one box of vanilla instant pudding (chill before making parfait)
heavy whipping cream whipped into stiff peaks, blend in sugar to taste
layer in your serving dish

There could be some variation with this recipe. I've seen strawberries flavored with orange zest, and you could sweeten your whipped cream with vanilla, too. I decided to keep it more basic this time, but might mix it up the next time around.


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