The Holidays Have Arrived!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Ok, so it's been much too long since I've posted. It's been a crazy few weeks, so I'll try to catch you up in as few words, and as many photos as possible!

So, November flew by so fast! I mean, I really don't know how it was even so possible that it went so quickly. I think most of the month was pretty "normal," and then there was VEGAS! What a great time! We spent three full days, and four nights seeing shows, visiting with family, walking the strip, and of course a little gambling in there too. We were welcomed by the in-laws with a fantastic "Thanksgiving Care Package" (as I like to call it).

We saw 'Jubilee' at Bally's on Thanksgiving night, followed by 'O' at Bellagio the next night. I'd recommend Jubilee if you want to see a traditional burlesque. O, however, was totally different and completely amazing! We had front row, center seats. We could see the performers' eyeballs. I wish we could have taken pictures to show you, but it wouldn't have done it justice. Just do me a favor, and next time your in sin city, go see O.

Our Vegas vacation ended on Sunday with a long day of travel on very little (I'm talking three hours people) sleep. Pick up the pooch, home, order pizza, and pass out! Fast forward (without really needing to fast forward) three days, and we're headed to Michigan!

Our Michigan weekend was great. It was full of variety. Dave shadowed a surgeon for half a day, and I spent time with my dad and sister. We visited Grandma, and played many rounds of double solitare. Not even kidding she beat me 90% of the time. I have no idea how, she must be magic. Our Friday afternoon was followed by a wonderful group dinner, and drinks with amazing friends.

On Saturday we attended St. Joe's annual holiday ball at the EMU convocation center where the Eagles play basketball - except transformed into a black tie event venue!

We had a wonderful night, as you might be able to see.

Finally, the perfect end cap to the weekend, another group meal - brunch. It was nice to end the weekend the way it began, with all of our friends and family together.

I've done my best to give you an overview of the past few weeks. They went by so quickly, and it was an exhausting, yet fun time. I can't tell you, though, how happy I am to be home, and getting back into the "normal" routine.

The final holidays of the year, and end of 2011 is sure to be passed before we know it. With two family Christmases, and a wedding on New Year's Eve, it's sure to be a great time!

Happy Friday!

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