26 Days Until Halloween

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Let's get one thing straight, I don't do Halloween. Period.

Dave and I, however, have made an agreement that "every other year*" we'll dress up. So, this year Dave's idea is to dress up as characters from one of our guilty pleasures Jersey Shore. As Pauly D and Vinny did on a recent episode, Dave would like to wear this.

The other day, he tells me that he'll really need to work on his shoulders and arms more so he can "fit the part." Uh, ok. Then he sends me the link again, and says "the white one in extra large please..." Well at least he said please ... but really!? Continuing, "...we both know how much you like to buy stuff online."

Well, Mr., we'll just see how much more online shopping I do for you!

*To be clear, last year was the "every other year" to dress up for Halloween, lucky for me we had a wedding to attend, and I got out of it. So really this year I shouldn't have to dress up, right?! Right, because I really don't see myself as a Snooki, J Wow or Sammy. However, Dave might argue with the latter...

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